Engage & Thrivewith the following services


ProgramsWorkshops, and Facilitation

We are specialised in the designing, developing and delivering of a diverse range of leadership programs to organisations in the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors across Australia and the USA. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Leadership presentations on research-backed methods
  • Support with group discussions and big decisions
  • Advice on team structures and leadership architecture
  • Immersive and transformative workshops

Uncharted Leadership is agile enough to respond to your unique needs and robust enough to offer smart, evidenced-based leadership strategies. 



When faced with challenging situations, new environments, or big decisions, you don’t have to go it alone. One meaningful conversation can save you hours of anguish and additional complications.

As trusted advisors, we see ourselves as an extension of your team. We partner with you. We bring decades of experience to the table while recognising that your organisation is unique, and often with the right questions being asked, the right answers will come from within.

By offering effective processes, facilitating meaningful discussion, and respectfully challenging your thinking, businesses gain valuable insights with transformational results.



The very best leaders invest in their development and are open to change. We can provide specialised executive coaching, developmental dialogues, and team development. 

Our decades of experience allow us to identify and activate strengths in your leaders while providing a framework for safe, personal growth and leadership development. 


Online Coaching

Expand your knowledge of effective leadership with the help of our engaging and interactive online courses.

These courses are, entertaining, concise and packed with evidence-based leadership advice. We’ve also designed them with your busy schedule in mind. Learn efficiently from anywhere on any device!