Navigating Disruption

Advanced leadership development program

Commencing Sept 19; full dates below

‘Complexity’ has always been around – COVID merely
revealed the critical need for different thinking and skills to
lead in an increasingly complex world.

You are not alone if you feel you are currently operating in an increasingly complex and unpredictable environment.

As we’re all aware, dramatic changes have been happening worldwide. A perfect and continuing storm of rapid technological development, generational/ social change and industry disruption have catapulted all public, private and not-for-profit organisations into an incredibly unpredictable environment.

The US Army describes this operating environment as ‘VUCA’, which stands for:

Not surprisingly, biennial surveys of global CEO’s found that 80% anticipated greater complexity in the future, while fewer than 50% felt they or their organizations were equipped to deal with that complexity. How are organizations to respond? How will you respond?

Senior managers and executives today are at the heart of adapting to and leading transformational change in an increasingly VUCA landscape.

Technical expertise will always be important, organizations require additional capabilities to continually rethink, reshape and lead organizational functions while balancing shortterm and long-term strategic perspectives.

The Navigating Disruption program goes beyond traditional leadership skills to  build advanced, adaptive and complex thinking skills needed by participants to work collectively to make progress on their most challenging problems.

Grow your ability to

Meet Your Coaches

Learn from highly experienced facilitator coaches

Barry Bales

Dr Barry Bales, PhD

Dr Barry Bales, PhD is a Director of Uncharted Leadership in the USA. He is intrigued by what enables people to be successful in leadership roles. Previously, he was Assistant Dean for Professional Development at the LBJ School of PublicAff airs, the University of Texas at Austin. He holds a faculty position as Clinical Professor in the School’s Executive Master in Public Leadership Program. Barry is a frequent speaker in the areas of leadership and systems thinking and has taught, consulted with, and coached leaders and executives in fifteen US states and nine foreign countries. His PhD is in Adult and Human Resource Development Leadership from the University of Texas at Austin

Andrew Stevens

Andrew Stevens, MBA, FGLF

Andrew Stevens, MBA, FGLF is passionate about the role that management and leadership development plays in making organisations, communities and even societies more productive, more human and more successful. In his former role as the Assistant Dean and Director of Executive Education at the University of Adelaide, Andrew has had the great fortune to work with senior managers across a diverse range of private, government and not-for-profit organisations. This experience has allowed him to understand that the leadership attributes needed for success in today’s world are changing. In response, he has come to realise that the way we design and deliver leadership development needs to evolve.

Special Guests

Sheree Paterson

Sheree Paterson

Sheree has established a strong reputation as a knowledgeable, highly engaging and effective Executive Coach, leadership and strengths development specialist. Sheree’s approach to leadership development integrates positive approaches with a critical and developmental lens. This facilitates new insights and possibilities for change.

Brian Francis

What do you get when you combine one of the most highly regarded statewide executive leaders with a nationally acclaimed slam poet? The answer is Brian Francis. Brian has 36 years of public service experience, 22 of which were in executive-level roles. He shares his hard-earned insights into building diversely dynamic teams that embrace challenges create options, and deliver on missions.

The program’s multi-dimensional learning approach involves a two-month, iterative cycle of learning, application, and reflection and has been designed for busy managers. The structure for the Navigating Disruption program integrates the following elements to maximize impact in developing adaptive thinking skills.


The assigned readings from the most current leadership literature are selected to stretch your thinking and prepare you for an accelerated learning journey throughout this program.

One intensive + three virtual sessions

The 4-day intensive held at Vintage Villas, Austin includes presentations and workshops with experienced educators and thought leaders from government and the private sector. Three interim virtual sessions will enable participants to compare, assess, and further enhance their application experiences.

Topics covered include:

  • Leadership for complex environments
  • Understanding & overcoming change resistance
  • Developing Adaptive Capacity
  • Uncovering the drivers of behaviour using Systems thinking
  • Separating leadership and authority
  • Notice and manage polarities
  • Making multiple interpretations
  • Advanced listening skills
  • Managing emotional triggers
  • Unravelling the simple, complicated and complex through the Cynefin framework
  • Designing Safe-to-Fail experiments
  • Leveraging strengths

Organizational application

You will select a ‘complex organizational challenge’ that you face within your organization that will become the applied – and rigorous – focus of your learning throughout the program.

Strengths Profile

Clifton Strengths Profile and Strength workshop included in the fee.


Guided reflection throughout the program will enable you to take a different perspective on your own learning and growth.

Our experience in doing this work internationally has shown that those with a combination of the following attributes are likely to excel in this program

  • Those in mid- or higher-level leadership roles who have already acquired and successfully use
  • traditional leadership skills;
  • Those who have experienced enough tough challenges to recognize that something more may be needed;
  • Those who have a continuous learning mindset – and are open to challenging their own perspectives;
  • Those whom the institution needs to be an impactful leader for the future.
“As a senior manager, it is rare that we encounter simple or straightforward challenges in our professional lives these days. I found the Navigating Disruption curriculum tremendously valuable in helping me better approach complex problems that may have no real solution. The course content helped me change my way of thinking to be a better leader and a better peer for those in my organization.”

Eric A
University System Administrator

At A Glance


Navigating Disruption is an evidence-based program that enables you to grow new perspectives and a greater ability to make progress on complex challenges. 

The course is presented in a highly engaging, practical, and experiential format.

Dates & Structure

(all times are US Central)

Registrations & Fees

Upon receipt of your registration form, you will be sent an invoice for the course from Uncharted Leadership USA, along with lodging options at Vintage Villas.

Refunds are available if a written request is received by September 23.

Fees cover all program, coaching and assessment costs for the two-month program. It also covers some meals during the on-site intensive. Lodging and travel expenses are the responsibility of the participant. 

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