Reconnecting with Purpose

Reconnecting with Purpose

A few thoughts … How often do you feel excited, engaged, and inspired by your work?  How often at work do you experience that deep sense of satisfaction from knowing what you do matters?   Hopefully, “quite often!” is your answer to both questions. Are there times, though, when excessive meetings, deadlines, and dashboards cause […]

Psychological Safety


The sense of being in a psychologically safe environment is a critical enabler of high performance in teams; it requires your consistent vigilance even in the best of times and certainly is even more critical now.

Small Steps, Small Wins

What got us Here

Transformational change is sometimes the response when organizational leaders recognize “what got us here won’t get us there!”

Small Steps

Small Step

A guide to consciously identifing your own “small steps” that allow you to grow as a leader

Leading in Disruption


Are different skills required to lead in disruptive times versus at all other times?

Development in Action

Red light

Does leadership development need to be put on hold while we are managing through crisis?

Learning to be a better leader

Learning to be a better leader

Do you find that your role as a leader getting tougher and more complex each year? If so, take some comfort in knowing that you are not alone!

Do go changing!

changing on the job

Those familiar with our work do know we play with a number of models and theories, including Constructive Adult Development.