Vital Leadership Practices

Improve confidence, increase effectiveness and build resilience.

Develop vital leadership practices to successfully navigate today’s ever-changing world!

~ absolutely necessary; essential; indispensable; crucial; key.
~ full of energy; lively; active; spirited.
~ action rather than idea; describes what really happens.
~ something that is regularly done, often as a habit.

As the last couple of years have proventhere are no well-worn paths or guides to show the way through the dynamic complexity and uncertainty of the world

It is becoming increasingly difficult to define the challenges we face, let alone solve them.

There are no easy answers

These times call for a different type of leadership – one that goes beyond the limits of knowledge and expertise, to cultivating new, vital practices. 

Join us in deep, adaptive learning to cultivate four core vital leadership practices:

This is for you if:

We invite you to bring your learning mindset, be open to new and diverse perspectives and be willing to explore, experiment and play.
As the poet Antonio Machado reminds us:

Meet Your Coaches

Learn from highly experienced facilitators

Sheree Paterson

Sheree is the Director for Coaching and Leadership, Uncharted Leadership Institute. Sheree has established a strong reputation as a knowledgeable, highly engaging and effective executive coach, leadership and development specialist. She has over 20 years’ senior management experience working in learning and development.

Sheree has a Master Applied Science, Coaching Psychology, Master of Education, Adult Education and Bachelor of Nursing. 

Diana Renner

Diana Renner is a Director and Co-founder of the Uncharted Leadership Institute in Australia with extensive experience designing and facilitating leadership development programs in Australia and overseas. She was a guest faculty member for ‘The Art and Practice of Leadership Development’ program at Harvard University, Kennedy School of Government and teaches at Monash University and Melbourne Business School. She holds a Post Graduate Diploma of Organisational Change & Consulting and a Bachelor of Law/Arts. She is the former Chair of the Australian Adaptive Leadership Institute (AALI) and a member of the AALI Committee.

Vital Leadership Practices goes beyond delivery of traditional content. We interweave innovative tools and practices with peer learning and discovery. The delivery aims to meet your unique needs, connecting and leveraging existing knowledge and skills with direct application to the workplace.

Core to the philosophy informing our approach is that deep, adaptive learning:

  • Happens on the edge of our comfort zone
  • Requires equal measure challenge and support
  • Requires reflective practice
  • Involves engaging with a variety of diverse perspectives
  • Engages the whole person
  • Goes beyond the program boundaries to deliver and sustain long term impact

Vital Leadership Practices uses a blend of self-paced and real-time learning using the Uncharted Quest platform. 

The program’s multi-dimensional learning approach involves a three-month, iterative cycle of learning, application and reflection.

Every three weeks for three months you will be guided by highly experienced facilitators through online activities including: Self-directed practice and reflection and highly interactive, virtual 2.5-hour workshops.

The Uncharted Quest platform is our most innovative and integrated way to help you develop your skills, remain engaged and provide fast access to program resources. The Platform has been built to deliver you the following benefits:

  • Action Based Learning – The platform encourages the completion of bite-sized ‘Missions’ using the action feedback learning model.
  • Micro Coaching – This coaching enables the facilitator to provide you with timely, personal feedback throughout the program.
  • Always Accessible – You can access the self-paced content anytime, anywhere using computers, tablets and smartphones.
  • Real World Links – The platform supports you to actively use and practice what you are learning, bridging the gap between the program and real work outcomes.

This program is designed to improve your confidence, increase your effectiveness and build your resilience to sustain success.

  • Develop new leadership capabilities and mindsets to navigate a fast-changing environment.
  • Build core practical tools and techniques to understand and purposefully apply in your context.
  • Focus on what is important to you so that you can be more effective working with others.
  • Be more effective in leading complex change
  • Mobilise others to tackle tough challenges
  • Increased confidence in your ability for making progress utilising next-level skills
  • Renewed energy and motivation
  • Developed personal and collective resilience

Designed for busy managers and leaders using a blend of self-paced and real-time learning using the Uncharted Quest platform.

Our experience in doing this work nationally and internationally has shown that those with a combination of the following attributes are likely to excel in this program:

  • In transition or entry to mid-level leadership roles who are looking for ‘next-level’ skills.
  • Recognise the need of a core set of practices to improve their effectiveness at work.
  • Have a learning mindset and are open to new and diverse perspectives.
  • Identified by the organisation as having and developing leadership potential.

Program commences 17th February 2022.

Tuition fee is $1980 per person, which covers all program and coaching costs for the 12 week program.

Contact us for group and early bird discounts.

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Here’s what participants of our programs say:

At A Glance

Program format

Presented in a highly engaging, practical, and experiential format, the Vital Leadership Practices program includes the following four focus areas.

  • Foundations – The mindset
  • Awareness – The context
  • Adaptability – The shift
  • Experimentation – The action

Duration and Program Structure

Designed For

Designed for busy managers and leaders who are in transition or entry to mid-level leadership roles and looking for ‘next-level’ skills or have been identified by the organisation as having and developing leadership potential.

Dates and fees

  • Program tuition: $1980 per person
  • Covers all program and coaching costs or the 12-week program.
  • Contact us for group discounts and
    early bird fees.
  • Program commences 17th February 2022.

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